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Bottomless brunch London…….

bottomless brunch london at The Skinny Kitchen boozy lunch party

If you are searching for ‘Bottomless Brunch London‘ then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever genius came up with the concept of “bottomless brunch’ should really give themselves a pat on the back. The ‘Boozy lunch party’ has made the world a slightly better place, or at least a bit more fun anyway.

What is a Boozy Brunch?

The concept originated in New York and the Manhattan trend has now been evolving in London over the last 5 years. This means there is a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing which Bottom-less Brunch is right for you.

Londoners have always seen brunch as a mid-morning catch up over a coffee and a croissant. Those days however, are long gone. Now, think unlimited bubbly, lot’s of food and a million and one themes to choose from across all of London’s trendy hotspots. From The infamous Beyonce Brunch (Think 4 hours of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child hits and character waiters) in a secret location to having unlimited access to a giant adult size ball-pit at Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch. To say the concept has caught on is an understatement!

Enter The Skinny Kitchen Islington. We asked ourselves what does it take to create a great bottomless brunch event?

  • Great food (tick)
  • Lots of booze (tick)
  • The most Instagrammable restaurant in the UK (tick)
  • Ibiza vibes by the truck load (tick)

The Skinny Kitchen’s London Boozy Lunch

We decided to bring a little bit of Ibiza to Islington, North London. We have some of Ibiza’s finest DJ’s, accompanied by live vocals, bongos, sax and everything else needed to create the most fabulous atmosphere for a bottomless brunch event.

Not just fabulous… Fucking fabulous.

For details go to the bottomless brunch tab on the homepage and search F*ckin fabulous bottomless brunch at The Skinny Kitchen Islington. Or click here to grab a spot for you and your friends.

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