Cocktails and dreams

The Skinny Kitchen Islington has our biggest selection of alcohol to date and we can’t wait for you to try it all. You’re probably asking yourself where alcohol fits into a healthy restaurant? Glad you asked…

The drinks menu at The Skinny Kitchen Islington has been carefully selected based on the quality of the product. Whether it’s our organic draft lagers, our low sugar spirits, vegan wines or cocktails made using fresh ingredients we have taken every day beverages and made little changes to help you enjoy a good drink with a bit less guilt!

We believe that it is possible to drink sensibly and that if you are careful with your choices you can still have a good time without destroying your body.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like a bit of you then why not come down Mon-Thurs from 6pm-7pm for happy hour and try a few of our signature cocktails like our Avocado Daquiri or Black Mojito which are all 2 for 1!
Rumour has it that you can avoid a hangover if you drink organic. Only one way to find out…..

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