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We’re supporting Veganuary and so can you…..

So, what is Veganuary?

Veganuary are a vegan charity that try to encourage people to make the switch to a plant-based diet. The idea is people give it a go for January with a view to making it more long term.

There are now between 3.5-4 million vegans in the UK which has spiked significantly by around 70% in the last few years and this is due to the increase in awareness of various factors such as the negative impact on the environment the meat industry has, the mistreatment of animals and the added health benefits of avoiding the consumption of animal products.

We are all responsible for the condition of our planet and should be doing what we can together to battle climate change, reducing our in-take of animal products will have a huge impact on this as it requires far less energy from fossil fuels as well as less water and reducing deforestation.

In 2019 we are more threatened by these issues than ever and don’t live in a world that is as black and white as becoming a vegan or not, there is an in between. Even reducing your meat in take by 50% you are making a difference and with such great meat alternatives on the market now and restaurants such as The Skinny Kitchen providing substantial choice for vegans (54% of the menu is suitable for a plant-based diet) it really does make things a far easier and obvious choice.

To support such a worthy and important cause we are giving away 50 of our delicious vegan burgers through-out January to anyone that’s signs up to our Veganuary page. To claim your burger just click the link below, sign up and take a screenshot of your confirmation email into either our Islington or Canterbury location by the end of the month.

If you would like to try our monthly vegan bottomless brunch – head here.

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