Lois, the co-owner of The Skinny Kitchen gives us 10 points on how she lives a ‘healthy lifestyle’

Lois, the co-owner of The Skinny Kitchen gives us 10 points on how she lives a ‘healthy lifestyle’
I don’t believe in fad diets (even though, not going to lie I have tried a few in my time) but at the ripe age of 30 I can fully say I am completely understanding of how to live a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and what ‘healthy food’ is and so here are some of my tips.
1. I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry and stop when my stomach is full (not when my buttons are about to burst off my jeans)
2. A good balance is key. There are absolutely foods that are more nutritious than others and that’s fine, I eat both and I enjoy both.
3. I hate the saying ‘REAL’ food. What is real food? All food is ‘real’ food unless it’s a plastic banana from your children’s play kitchen. Labelling any type of food a negative name is never a good way to have healthy balanced diet. If you ‘shame’ yourself into eating better eating habits it’s not going to work for you long term. Calling a meal a ‘cheat’ meal you are telling yourself you have already failed. You haven’t cheated on your boyfriend, you are simply eating something that is not as nutritious as it could be and that is fine, just find the right balance.
4. Focus on simplicity, meals don’t have to be over complicated and have 50 different ingredients to be tasty. Some of my best dinners are microwave rice, pea’s, soy protein and eggs all thrown into a pan to make my own… Ill call it Lois’ special egg fried rice (recipes to follow)
5. Everything in moderation – I won’t spend all day everyday eating crisps, sweets, chips, burgers, etc, etc. But if I fancy one of those things (or all 4 in one day which I sometimes do) I will eat it and I will enjoy it without thinking how I am going to burn it off for the next 3 days (because that’s not ‘healthy’) I will just then be mindful of what I eat the next day or week. BALANCE!
6.I know my daily calorie intake and I will stick within that, if I do go over it (same idea as point 5) I won’t do it the next day. If you are looking to lose weight you will need to be in a calorie deficit, which is really common sense if you think about it. Fat loss naturally happens when you are consuming less calories (no matter what they are made up of) than you are using through your daily activities.
7. I really enjoy my food, I love eating out, creating recipes and coming up with dishes for The Skinny Kitchen and I am just as comfortable with eating rice, broccoli, eggs and soy protein (I’m a vegetarian) as I am with pizza and cake. Life is too short at the end of the day.
8. Your diet collectively and YOUR food choices (make better ones) over time is what it really comes down too, so don’t feel bad or guilty for eating a chocolate brownie.
9. I create our menus at The Skinny Kitchen on the above concept: nutritious, unique and honest food, cooked to order, without compromising on taste. I like to cater for a host of diets and if you are someone that likes to count macros we have added these onto our menus too.
10. Carbs are not the devil. The end 😈

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