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From healthy lunch box ideas to flavourful, immune-boosting meals, discover these top tips on staying healthy during the colder weather!

It’s no secret that the colder months can lead to more indulgence than during the summer season. Delicious comfort food, wine, and sweets somehow seem all the more appealing while wearing sweatpants curled up beside a fireplace or at one of many holiday parties. And while there is nothing sinful about indulging in savoury carb meals and sweat treats, it’s also possible – and important – to enjoy a well-balanced diet during these tempting colder months. From healthy lunch box ideas to cooking with more spices, here are five tips to stay healthy during the winter and reduce your need to burn fat with intense cardio come spring.

1.Get your morning dose of protein

Carbs and comfort food seem to have an even stronger presence in our diets during the winter months. In addition to tasting delicious, these foods also cause our bodies’ serotonin levels to rise, which makes us feel happy in the moment, followed by more cravings throughout the day.

Combat the seemingly endless desire for carbs by ensuring you are getting plenty of protein in your breakfast. Whether it be a protein-packed cereal, eggs, or yoghurt with granola, start your day off with protein to help keep you full and satisfied for longer.

2. Eat your greens – and oranges

There are countless reasons to eat your veggies – and the colder weather is one of them! Try to include as many dark green veggies into your diet this winter season as you can. And remember, the darker the green, the better – spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. In addition to your green veggies, the orange ones are also great and easy to get your fill of during the winter.

Enjoy a delicious roasted squash or pumpkin soup, or roast carrots to throw on a bed of spinach. There are plenty of delicious, healthy dishes that call for green and orange veggies, so why not try them all this season?

3.‘Goodbye’ joint pain, ‘hello’ omega 3 fatty acids

Bones and joints are no strangers to a bit of discomfort during the colder weather. That is why fish, seeds, and nuts are your new best friend this winter. These foods are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, which are jam-packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Substitute your usual meat or pasta dish for a nutritious salmon meal – and use the leftovers the

next day for a tasty lunchbox meal! Not only does salmon boast incredible benefits all around, but both your joints and taste buds will thank you. 

4. Pack a healthy lunch

Whether it be for your day at the office or for your children at school, there are plenty of healthy lunch box ideas to give you that extra – healthy – boost midday. Prepare a delicious chicken salad for your lunch break or make a yummy sandwich wrap for your kids. Throw in a serving of colourful fruits and veggies and voilà! You now have yourself a winning lunch.

From filling salads to fun cut-out sandwiches to last night’s leftovers, the possibilities are endless to ensure a tasty, easy-to-prepare, healthy lunch for your entire family.

5. Flavour your dishes with spices

There’s nothing that says wintertime more than the aroma of spices filling the house. Take advantage of every flavour you can get your hands on when cooking this season. Enhance your meals with onions, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, or any other preferred ingredient. Not only will these ingredients improve the taste of any dish you make, but it will also help to improve your immune function.

The next time you’re craving a hot coffee and cinnamon, don’t hesitate to throw an extra dash in your mug!


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