About The Skinny Kitchen

Regular visitors to the island, co-Founders, Lois and Joel realised that Ibiza was missing something – a stylish, healthy eatery. And so, in 2014, fuelled by passion and the desire to bring something totally unique and authentic to the food industry, they set about opening Ibiza’s first healthy food hangout. They decorated an old Spanish cafe in a backstreet of San Antonio’s West End and soon after the word of ‘The Skinny Kitchen ‘ spread fast, it was clear pretty quickly that they had hit a gap in the market.
Lois worked in the kitchen serving a menu created by her and Joel made the smoothies out the front, they did this 7 days a week for the for the next two years to build up the business and make the food business startup a success. It didn’t stop there. In 2015 they formed a partnership with the guys behind Ocean Beach and moved the Ibiza site to a sea view location on the marina, opened a Skinny Kitchen in their home town, Canterbury and then their newest and biggest site in Islington, London.