About The Skinny Kitchen

A fresh meeting place for all day dining. Think delicious coffee in the morning, superfood cocktails and good vibes in the evening and a whole lot of healthy food in-between. At Skinny Kitchen we love to create dishes using high quality ingredients, our food is clean, natural and contains no nasty additives. Above all we cater for many diets from vegan to gluten free and so you know exactly what you are putting into your body we include macronutrients too. We want to help you eat well, track your macros and stick to your goals. If your lifestyle is all about healthy food, you’ve come to the right place!

How it all started

Fuelled by both their passions for fitness and healthy food, they set out to bring something totally unique to Ibiza. In April 2014 they got on a plane with their one year old baby (Blake-Ivy) and turned an old (orange) Spanish cafe into Ibiza’s first healthy food hangout. It was in a back street of San Antonio’s Westend and done on a very, very low budget (think astro turf, white paint and Ikea) but that didn’t matter as the word still spread and it was clear pretty quickly that they had hit a gap in the market.
It didn’t stop there. In 2015 they formed a partnership with the guys behind Ocean Beach and moved the Ibiza site to a sea view location on the marina, opened a Skinny Kitchen in their home town, Canterbury and then their newest and biggest site in Islington, London.

The Skinny Kitchen is still a family run business and with Lois and Joel at the forefront, it will always focus on that initial concept; creative, clean and healthy food with lots of variety, to suit many diets.

Thank you to our amazing customers and everyone else who has believed in us from the start of this incredible journey. Without you none of this would of been possible – Lois, Joel and Blake (who calls herself the boss!)

Founders: Joel and Lois